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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

IT'S A RED LETTER DAY FOR ME - My First Video Blog

Boy, it sure takes a long time to upload this video. Maybe I shouldn't talk so long next time or maybe I need to be more patient. While I'm waiting, I'm going to try and take a picture of the necklace I made last night using copper disks - It is hard to photograph because it is so shiny but I'll give it a try. Finally - here it is. They aren't the best but you will get the idea. Have a great day everyone and thanks for visiting my blog and be sure to leave your comments. I'm going to have a free giveaway contest sometime soon so keep checking in and I will post a HUGE NOTICE when the time comes.


  1. Hello! Awesome vlog!!! Your personality sure shines thru and you are hilarious! (I was just perusing Etsy for tin toys, it all started by looking for Tiddly Winks, I found 1 set and the owner said REALLY OLD, I had to laugh aloud at that) Lucky you taking a class, i'll be a bit embarassed at my lil riveting how-to. And kudos on the Pepe tool, I love Pepe. Discs are fun, fun to stamp, oxidize, solder things to, and dome. I have to ask what are the stamps everyone is going nuts over??? Enjoyed the hello from you. your studio is SO neat. Oh, I have a Foredom SR, but not sure what number, and I would recommend the one without the CHUCK key, you can pump the lil bits on and off instead!
    -Carolyn :-) PS Yes I live very close to Arlington and as a kid lived there...

  2. Thanks so much for your input. It's nice to get feedback from people. The stamp set everyone is talking about is from Beaducation.com and it is one that the owner designed. It is so unbelievable that people are going nuts over them. There has been a waiting list for months and they only get about 20-30 of them a week. The company that produces them is pumping them out as fast as they can. It is so funny. It is a lower case "kismet" stamp set so you can go on the web site and see it. I guess the same thing happened last year with the Pepe tool - shame on me for hoarding one in my closet:>} I'm happy you enjoyed my video and I plan to do more because I think they are really fun to create. You're right, you can really see ones personality when they go on camera:>} Cheers and the next time I visit my son and family maybe we can get together. Of course that won't happen until probably next Nov/Dec. Have a great evening, Sally

  3. I wish you would visit before Nov/ Dec and bring some of your beautiful works of art. Miss you.

  4. Maybe I will:>} Thanks for stopping by to visit. Hope you have a good day Friday...

  5. Oh Poo! The video is not playing nicely for me. I probubly need to reboot......


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