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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Etching, Etching, Etching

A fun, funky ring

 Free hand drawings on metal

The fruits of our labor

My good friend, Madeline, and I have been working like crazy all week on our metal etching. We have been invited to do a trunk show the weekend before Thanksgiving in Tucson, AZ. We are very flattered indeed, however, it takes a large inventory to put on a good show and we are off and running - or etching as the case may be. My pictures don't do our work justice but for the moment it's the best we have. It has been both gratifying and frustrating to work with metal etching. It is a very labor intensive process. We are working with chemicals that require special attention to dispose of, to say nothing of the mess involved!! We've been through several pairs of rubber gloves and rolls of paper towels since this little venture began and we aren't through yet. Aside from all of the cons, there are lots of pros which make it all worth the extra effort. I hope you enjoy the pictures and there will be more soon.

Thanks for stopping by for a peek. I truly love sharing my thoughts and words with you and hope you will leave me a little comment or two once in awhile. Have a great week and take tomorrow off - it's Labor Day!!

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  1. Love these pieces Sal! You went to town! Did you use the cool pens? I LOVE the pieces with the turquoise and silver hanging from the bottom. Take pics of the Trunk show!!! :-)

  2. Thanks Care. No, we just used black or red sharpie permanent markers and they seem to do fine. It is really fun except that the solution loses its punch after about 5-6 pieces and requires changing so that is a mess to deal with. How are you guys doing on your etching projects? Hugs, Sal ps..you really didn't post this comment at 4:04 AM did you?


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