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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ash Wednesday

Boy, I don't know where time is going lately. I can't believe it is already Ash Wednesday - seems like just yesterday was Christmas. I attended church at noon today, and have my ashes to prove it:>} On my way home I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few items for home. While shopping, I ran into (not literally of course) a friend I hadn't seen in months and 2 hours later I was checking out! She filled me in on her life for the past few months and proceeded to tell me about something that had happened to her last month........she was on her way to attend a morning function at the art gallery locally and about 1/2 mile from her house she heard sirens and noticed that the big red fire engine was requesting her to move over so he could get by. She promptly pulled over to the side of the road and he goes past. Immediately, she notices that she is now being courted by a police car - mind you she hasn't moved since she pulled over. He comes to her window and makes a reference to the fact that he "could" ticket her for not yielding to an emergency vehicle. She explains that of course she yields but hadn't noticed him right away and the police officer told her that it was her "responsiblity" to use her rear view mirror at all times. One thing led to another and she ends up getting ticketed. She thinks he was pissed because she stared at his name badge at which point he told her that she could go talk to his supervisor if she wanted to!! This is a long and convoluted story which I'm not relaying very well but to make a long story longer - he ticketed her. She was so agitated just telling me the whole thing that I can imagine how she was at the time. She was going to just go to traffic school and pay the $260.00 fine - YES, $260.00!!! She has decided to contest the ticket and will be going to court in May. She has every right to fight this one but as she says, she will never win because the judge will probably side with the officer. I don't know though because the judge is a woman and he made several slanted remarks to my friend during all of the conversations that I don't think will be taken well by the judge - another one of life's little sagas!! Glad it was her and not me is all I know. I never know when to keep my mouth shut either and probably would have ended up in jail!!! Anyway, I got nothing accomplished in the studio today so tomorrow will be busy. I need to photograph and upload so hope it's a nice day outside. DH is out of town again until next Monday so I should be able to get alot done. Everyone have a great day and remember: Confusion is the first sign intelligence!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Studio Condensed

I think this is so cool. I was able to make a collage from my pictures of the studio and here they are. I'm now organized and ready to work.....Didn't I say that a few hours ago??? I've been pulling my pieces of paper together for taxes - DH is getting impatient. If I'd run my school district the way I run this business I'd be in jail:>} Guess I'm just tired of being a business manager - I'll make a concerted effort to improve in 2009.....Click on the collage to enlarge
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More Studio

African Trade Beads. I love these beads and need to figure out something to make with them. I seem to collect tons of beads and stuff but it's time I quit collecting and start producing I think.
MORE STRINGS of beads. I went crazy at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show a few years ago and that is why I try to stay away now - just go now to pick up a "few little things".

And MORE Strings of beads

Sander/Polisher (one of the "little things" I picked up this year at the Gem and Mineral Show here in Tucson, AZ) and wire

Look - Mr. Dapper and Senor Pepe Disk Cutter (the little elusive guy)
I'll save the rest for another day - I need to get busy and create some items for the shop. Cheers and remember to smile, everyone will wonder what you've been up to:>}

My Studio

I thought you might enjoy a few shots of my studio. I have 21 pictures but it will only upload four at a time. I'll start with my closet full of beads
These jars are filled with crystal beads...........................................................

Tools and more tools..........................................................................................

More STUFF....You know how it is, always needing more STUFF............
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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

IT'S A RED LETTER DAY FOR ME - My First Video Blog

Boy, it sure takes a long time to upload this video. Maybe I shouldn't talk so long next time or maybe I need to be more patient. While I'm waiting, I'm going to try and take a picture of the necklace I made last night using copper disks - It is hard to photograph because it is so shiny but I'll give it a try. Finally - here it is. They aren't the best but you will get the idea. Have a great day everyone and thanks for visiting my blog and be sure to leave your comments. I'm going to have a free giveaway contest sometime soon so keep checking in and I will post a HUGE NOTICE when the time comes.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Running amuck

This has been a totally disjointed day. I couldn't focus on anything. I started to go to the lapidary shop and on the way over there, changed my mind and went to the hardware store. I was looking for denatured alcohol and Boric Acid. When I took my last metal smithing class the instructor insisted we use this on sterling to lessen the chances of severe fire scale. Do you know how hard it is to find these items? I went to three stores and finally at the CVS Drugstore I found out that it is kept behind the counter at the pharmacy. I had to sign my life away to purchase it. The denatured alcohol was there because evidently alchoholics purchase it to drink - yowzee!!! At any rate, an hour later I was on my way home. I've been playing with a pendant and getting the bezel all soldered and ready to mount onto the base. In between, of course, I had to stop and fix supper. That is on the stove as I type so I'll be going now to check on it and will return to my studio later to work on the pendant. I really want to do a ring so maybe I will start that tomorrow. Sure wish I lived next door to Lisa of Lisa's Lovelies so I could play like a fly on her wall and see how she turns out so many beautiful things each day. I guess after more practice I will be faster too. Until then, cheers and tell someone near and dear that you love them. Life is too short not to. Hugs, Sally

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Jan and Sally

I delivered the quilt to Jan Thursday and she loved it. Just happens to be her favorite color. Enjoy Jan!!
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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I attended the Gem and Mineral Show again yesterday and came home with a few little "gems" but not bad overall. I finally finished the Copper and Silver Heart Pendant and am posting a picture. This was really a learning experience with the soldering. I definately need a hotter torch because my little butane torch doesn't do the job fast enough and leaves a mess to clean up as witnessed in my previous posting. I think it came out pretty good though. It is hard to get a good picture because of the reflection but it really shines.

I'm going to focus on photographing and uploading some more items to my etsy shop today so be sure and take a look later on in the day. It's cold outside so I will probably use my photo tent and lights indoors. Have a great day and be good to yourselves. Remember - THE SMALLEST GOOD DEED IS BETTER THAN THE GRANDEST GOOD INTENTION....Duguet

Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Flaming Good Time

I had a blast (so to speak) today. I used my torch and soldered a great piece together. It still needs to be polished and cleaned but here is the process in short:

The first few pictures are of my messy working space in my studio. After these pictures were taken, I cleaned it up and re-arranged a bit. It's hard to tell from the pictures but the pendant is made of sterling silver and copper. It is really pretty and I hope to have it posted on my Etsy site this coming week. I am also ordering my kiln this week so should be able to pick it up and get some dichroic glass items made. I will also be working with PMC so should have some real fun here in the near future. If I could only figure out how to eliminate eating and sleeping I'd have it made:>} Cheers, Sally

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I am soooo excited

Today is a great day for me. The turquoise I had ordered a few days ago from my new supplier arrived and it is BEAUTIFUL - what do you think?? It is from a mine in Nevada and I can't wait to make rings and pendants out of them. Also, I finished the quilt I've been working on for my friend Jan and I think it is really pretty too. I plan to give it to her this weekend if she is up to a visit. I hope everyone is having a beautiful day.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl Drama

Well, the game was great. Some say one of the best in history but it would have been better for me if the Cardinals had won. They came close and played a great game but I think it was a case of too little too late. We joined some friends and had a good afternoon anyway and the wings were delish so all was not lost. Today I cleaned up the studio and am now busy finishing attaching the binding to my latest quilt. I made it for a friend of mine who is suffering from Ovarian Cancer. So sad. I hope she will enjoy it. I'll get a picture of it tomorrow and share with you. I think I will go out and check out some of the Gem Show vendors tomorrow. It is rumored to be close to 80 degrees tomorrow so should be a good day to wander around. Cheers and let me hear from you - Sally