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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ash Wednesday

Boy, I don't know where time is going lately. I can't believe it is already Ash Wednesday - seems like just yesterday was Christmas. I attended church at noon today, and have my ashes to prove it:>} On my way home I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few items for home. While shopping, I ran into (not literally of course) a friend I hadn't seen in months and 2 hours later I was checking out! She filled me in on her life for the past few months and proceeded to tell me about something that had happened to her last month........she was on her way to attend a morning function at the art gallery locally and about 1/2 mile from her house she heard sirens and noticed that the big red fire engine was requesting her to move over so he could get by. She promptly pulled over to the side of the road and he goes past. Immediately, she notices that she is now being courted by a police car - mind you she hasn't moved since she pulled over. He comes to her window and makes a reference to the fact that he "could" ticket her for not yielding to an emergency vehicle. She explains that of course she yields but hadn't noticed him right away and the police officer told her that it was her "responsiblity" to use her rear view mirror at all times. One thing led to another and she ends up getting ticketed. She thinks he was pissed because she stared at his name badge at which point he told her that she could go talk to his supervisor if she wanted to!! This is a long and convoluted story which I'm not relaying very well but to make a long story longer - he ticketed her. She was so agitated just telling me the whole thing that I can imagine how she was at the time. She was going to just go to traffic school and pay the $260.00 fine - YES, $260.00!!! She has decided to contest the ticket and will be going to court in May. She has every right to fight this one but as she says, she will never win because the judge will probably side with the officer. I don't know though because the judge is a woman and he made several slanted remarks to my friend during all of the conversations that I don't think will be taken well by the judge - another one of life's little sagas!! Glad it was her and not me is all I know. I never know when to keep my mouth shut either and probably would have ended up in jail!!! Anyway, I got nothing accomplished in the studio today so tomorrow will be busy. I need to photograph and upload so hope it's a nice day outside. DH is out of town again until next Monday so I should be able to get alot done. Everyone have a great day and remember: Confusion is the first sign intelligence!!

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  1. Hey Sally, I am SO confused today!!! :p Omgosh I hope she contests and wins! No reason not to!!! Have fun without DH! HOpe you make stuff!!!


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