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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I attended the Gem and Mineral Show again yesterday and came home with a few little "gems" but not bad overall. I finally finished the Copper and Silver Heart Pendant and am posting a picture. This was really a learning experience with the soldering. I definately need a hotter torch because my little butane torch doesn't do the job fast enough and leaves a mess to clean up as witnessed in my previous posting. I think it came out pretty good though. It is hard to get a good picture because of the reflection but it really shines.

I'm going to focus on photographing and uploading some more items to my etsy shop today so be sure and take a look later on in the day. It's cold outside so I will probably use my photo tent and lights indoors. Have a great day and be good to yourselves. Remember - THE SMALLEST GOOD DEED IS BETTER THAN THE GRANDEST GOOD INTENTION....Duguet


  1. I like your pendant! Soldering can be a daunting task sometimes, but it turned out great!
    Thanks for the follow on my blog.

  2. You can't imagine the firescale I had on this little jewel. I am so new that I didn't know to "tin" the copper. I just did it the old fashioned way and Oh Man What A Mess. I did get it cleaned up pretty well and it really shines so I am wearing it with pride - I learned a lot from this project and can't wait to create the next one. Thanks for looking and I appreciate all input. I am really frustrated right now with the photography aspect on getting the items online. I don't seem to be able to take good pictures so am researching every bit of info I can find to learn the tricks of the trade. Have a great day and thanks again for taking the time to respond.


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