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Monday, August 30, 2010

What a Beautiful Site!!

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Who would have thought that we would become so attached to our electronics that we would become unable to communicate without them. My cell phone battery died yesterday and I went to charge it and guess what - I couldn't locate my charger.....oh my. We have no land line up here in Pinetop so without my cell phone, I am unable be in contact with the outside world (unless Of course, I choose to get in my car and drive somewhere, which was not an option because I have tons of work to do here at the house). I emailed John, who is in Green Valley for a few days and asked him to bring my back up charger with him when he returns to the mtns today. I spent hours searching my purse, suitcase, grocery bags, drawers, and any other place I think the little wanderer might be. I KNOW I am much too responsible to have left it at my brother's house last week while visiting Santa Fe.......right!! Oh well, I finally resolve myself to the fact that it really doesn't matter because if there is an emergency, John can call a neighbor to contact me and I go on with my life. I actually became accustomed to not strapping it to my hip everytime I took a step because, God forbid I would miss a call while attending to other duties. Ever onward I say.....John will be here in a few hours and all will be right again. I decided to attend to the laundry in between etching silver and cleaning my studio.....I'm unloading the laundry shute (or is it shoot or chute?) and guess what to my wandering eyes would appear - you got it.....the missing phone charger. I just stood there and smiled for a minute, knowing full well that it would appear eventually, just not sure where or when. So - the great charger mystery is solved and life is back to normal - whatever that is!! Just one more of life's little adventures and so now it is comfortably resting in it's little space and charging up for another day.

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