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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

August 23, 2010


Sadly, our fun, family filled weekend has come to an end and we are on our way back to Santa Fe. What a great gathering or two we enjoyed these last few days. The weather was unbelievably gorgeous. The sun was shining the entire time. We were invited to participate in a celebration of marriage of our cousin, Carolyn Sylvester and Don Bolton. The event was held at their lovely home atop the highest mountain in Pine, CO. They have a 360 degree view of nothing but beauty-WOW. It is a challenge in the wintertime but I'm sure it is worth every effort it takes to keep it going.

Next, we had a blast at my great nephew's 1st birthday party. His Mom worked herself to the bone creating the cutest birthday cake I've ever seen!! I'll be posting pictures of all of this when I get home. Again, I re-connected with family that I haven't seen in many years. I miss the days when families lived in the same town and you could run up the street to grandma's house and she would always have a cup of chocolate milk and a donut waiting for you. Actually, the donut shop was on the corner just one block from her home and when we were old enough, we could walk to the shop and pick out our own donuts. When I would attend church with her, she would always take me for a nice walk to the local hotel coffee shop and we would enjoy our time together, she with her coffee and me with my chocolate milk and donut.....Oh, how I miss those special moments. My other grandma lived next door to her (remember, everyone lived in the same town) and I loved to visit her as well. She had a very large conch shell that sat on top of her bookcase. Whenever I visited her, I immediately ran to pick up that shell and listen to the ocean play in my ears, I miss not having my family nearby but life does go on doesn't it???

Ok, back to reality, We just enjoyed lunch at the Dog Bar & Grill in Cuchara, Co. It is really quaint and definitely worth the trip off the freeway and traffic where everyone is in a big hurry to go who knows where. It kind of reminds me of Cheers where people take the time to talk and be friendly to each other. We ended up here because Sandy and I wanted to check out LaVeta, CO where one of our favorite quilters lives and films a television quilting series-Ricky Tims. We are a bit confused right now because upon arriving at our destination, it looks like his shop is closed up. As soon as we can receive wireless internet I will be checking on this. At any rate, it turned out great because we've been able to enjoy a wonderful drive through the mountains and had a great burger for lunch. All's well that ends well, right!!

It is beginning to rain a drop or two as we continue on our journey so I will sign off for now. Life is good so enjoy the journey!!

Oh, I almost forgot. My blog title, Meditate and Motivate came to me from the latest edition of O Magazine. She has pages of great information on self improvement and motivation – check it out.

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