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Friday, January 30, 2009


Today was rather uneventful...clean studio so I could make room for more clutter or creativity as it is called. Washed christmas sweaters and put up in the closet to age for another year, practiced picture taking again to no avail. I even checked out several websites for information to help me perfect my skills - guess I will just need to practice more. I'm on my way to bed now so I can continue my housekeeping chores tomorrow for next week I plan to play a lot. The Tucson Gem and Mineral show is in town for 2 weeks so I know I will be making a few trips in to town to check it out. I have several friends who want to go so we will make it an adventure. I think I will check out different vendors and areas of interest this year as I find I keep going back to the same places each year. John will be shooting rifle in the Senior Olympics Competition this weekend so I can just play, play, play. Also, the Tubac Art Festival is going to be gearing up here soon so will need to make a trip to Tubac - oh dear, so many things happening I don't know where to start. Adios and good night

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