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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Quite Exciting For Sure

I am so thrilled - I had my first sale yesterday, thank you so much Jill. I came home from my silversmithing class, which is quite exhausting even if it is only 2 hours long, and checked my site and there was a sale. BIG QUESTION WAS......now what do I do? I laughed and called my DH in to enjoy the moment with me. Next, I checked the Etsy website for FAQ and figured my next step was to check the Paypal site. I did that and figured out how to issue an invoice - WOW. What a learning experience that all was. I'm hoping for more sales since I am able to muddle through the entire process from start to finish now. It really is quite exciting for sure!!! I'm going over the the lapidary shop this afternoon to seek out some more expert help on finishing my ring. It is going to be beautiful and I am very pleased that I am enjoying this class so much.......sooooooo, ever onward as they say......the house needs some attention and the laundry is piling up so better take care of these details then on to the playground. Cheers and I hope at some time people will start reading my blog. I must figure out how to get out there to the reader world soon. If anyone has any advise I am completely open to your wise words. Sally

My finished pendant and my ring in progress

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