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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Oh, It has been so long my friends

It has been so long since my last blog. I don't know where life goes some times. We have been so busy with this house renovation that we haven't had time for ourselves. I will attach the pictures of the finished product tomorrow and you will know why we are so elated!!!

I joined the White Mountain Women's Group last month and have been very busy ever since. We are preparing for our annual Fall Home and Garden Tour along with a wonderful boutique and bake sale. As everyone knows - if you want to give to others, it takes time and effort. I love it.

We (John and I) are preparing to depart on Tuesday, 9/8, for a month long trip in our Airstream trailer. We are going to trip through Utah, Montana, Idaho and back home to Arizona. I will be doing a daily post of our activities. We are going to Idaho to visit friends and relatives that I have not seen in many year - too many. I can't wait.

It is getting late so my salutation to you is this - cheers my dears and enjoy life as it is the biggest thing we have going at the time!!.. Love

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