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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bags are packed and I'm ready to roll

It's April Fool's Day and also my good friends anniversary - Happy Anniversary Geri and Art, hope your day is filled with love. I am waiting for 10 AM to roll around so I can go get some blood work out of the way for my physical then we are heading down I-19 to Phoenix. We will be spending the night at my nieces home in our Airstream trailer then I'm off to the airport early tomorrow morning. I am so excited. Can't wait to hug my baby grand daughter - her mom and dad too but I'll grab her first:>} She's just shy of 6 months and from the videos we've seen, she's getting very mobile. My DH just came into my studio and handed me a check for $500 towards my trip - WOW. A wonderful surprise and so sweet of him - thank you sweetie:>} I wish you were going along but I will keep you posted in Vlogs and phone calls. Sounds like Lisa (Lisa'sLovlies)is having a blast in Florida with her family- she needed a break. I think I've taken care of business at home so it's time to get going. The house is clean, frozen meals ready for hubby, laundry all finished and I'm exhausted! I'll rest up on the plane for my visit with a 6 month old because I think I will need all of the energy I can muster in a few days. Hugs to all and we'll talk soon. p.s. Carolyn, (AutumnLeavesJewelry) don't knock yourself out, just have your beautiful rings lined up for me to try on:>} Sally

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