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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

On The Road Again Days- 2 and 3

Days two and three of our fabulous trip took us through the Arches National Park. The forces of nature have created the landscape of Arches, which contains the greatest density of natural arches in the world. The beauty was overwhelming. These rocks have been formed over millions of years of deposition, erosion and other geological occurrances. Even today, these arches continue to develop through erosion as the water flows when it rains.

Did you know that Landscape Arch is the longest Arch in Arches National Park? I didn't either but here are the facts if you are interested: The Arch measures 306 feet from base to base. In 1991, a massive slab of rock fell from its underside, resulting in an even thinner ribbon of rock.

Once again, we witnessed some incredible, natural beauty right here in our own back yard.

We were so captivated by the beauty of the area that we realized later that we did not take any pictures of the arches themselves. We did, however, get a good picture of Balanced Rock, near The Window, teetering on its pedestal and that is a site not to be forgotten!!

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