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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Another Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

We awoke yesterday to a beautiful fluffy layer of snow and again this morning the fluff was plied higher than before. It is a very early storm up here in the White Mountains of Arizona but a beautiful sight nonetheless. I spent this week removing wallpaper from the bedroom walls. I have put this project off for three years and for some unknown reason, something moved me this week to take care of business. I am so happy with the results that I wonder why I didn't do it sooner. I know the answer to that question, however, and it is because of the nightmare I experienced while removing the wallpaper from the kitchen walls - inch by inch by inch!! I'll start painting the walls tomorrow and replace the vanity lights and it will look like new. We have been busy this week packing up and closing out the mountain home for the winter. I always hate to leave this home because I feel so comfortable here but once the switch is over, I become very comfortable in Green Valley again. I realize how lucky I am to have these choices and each home has it's own personality. I will be very happy to get back to Green Valley and mingle with my smithing friends again. I miss that friendship and exposure to all of the wonderful talents that reside there. Besides all of that, I will be able to visit with all of my friends returning to Green Valley for the winter season from the eastern states. Life is good. Everyone have a safe and fun Halloween and don't let the witches get you down:]


  1. Have a safe journey back! Smiffers!!!!:-)

  2. Love you and thanks for writing!! We are home safe and sound after a great week with friends and family!! Hugs, Sal


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